glow - Professional Airbrush Tanning
Washington State requires a retail sales tax be collected on airbrush tanning services.

**Students always receive $10 off a full-body tan**
pH Balancer Treatment:
If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of your sunless tanning session, ask for the pH Balancer Treatment! This treatment gently exfoliates and cleanses skin while adjusting the skin’s pH level. The pH Balancer aids in optimum longer-lasting results and enhances the DHA reaction for an even, flawless tan.
$4.99 per treatment
Full-body Tan
Glow's innovative airbrush tanning treatment uses an HPLV delivery system to evenly coat the body in less than five minutes. Our tanning solutions are specially formulated with hydrating properties that deeply nourish and revitalize the skin. The essential ingredients provide radiance to the complexion and impart a youthful-looking, natural glow.
$40 per treatment
Self Tanning & Extender Lotion
Our easy to apply, self-tanner allows you to extend the life of your tan. Or you can choose-your-level of tan by daily applications. You determine how dark you want your tan, by how much product you apply. The no-streaking formula makes is easy to use, just remember to wash your hands! Same great ingredients as in our tanning solutions, combined with ultra-hydrating shea butter; this lotion is a perfect self-tanner. Lotion can be used as a self tanner or a tan extender. 
Approx. 8% DHA and 10% DHA in lotion available.
$20.99 for 8oz bottle

Body Butter
Thick, rich and creamy …. goes on like butter.  It is the most hydrating cream or lotion we offer.  With all-natural ingredients our butter cream is blended to creamy perfection and helps promote anti-aging and skin repair.

Shimmer Lotion $15.99
Add a soft, subtle sheen to enhance and highlight your airbrush tan. Shimmer lotion with mica minerals for instant skin radiance. Light, tropic scent, skin-nourishing antioxidants with nourishing botanicals and extracts.

Exfoliating Body Wash
Prepping your skin prior to sunless tanning is a must.  Our Exfoliating Shower Gel is the perfect first step to ensure your skin is ready to receive a beautiful sunless glow.  Our shower gel not only exfoliates your skin it leaves it feeling soft, smooth and clean.

Moisturizing Body Wash
Moisturizing your skin in the shower or bath with our Moisturizing Body Wash.  This body wash is specifically blended for daily use.  Our aloe-infused formula refreshes and nourishes your skin while locking in moisture, leaving your skin soft and smooth all day long.

Exfoliating Shower Gloves
Use these exfoliating bath gloves to gently and effectively exfoliate layers of dead skin and impurities from the body's surface.
Revitalize your skin while also stimulating your blood circulation, unblock pores, remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and reduce cellulite. Add exfoliating body wash to work up a rich lather to clean the skin, buff away remaining tan or prep skin for tanning.

Tanning Mitt
Say goodbye discolored palms and fingers! The patented microfiber surface spreads self-tanner evenly on skin and makes it easier to achieve an even glow. Cleanup is easier too, as you won't have to worry about scrubbing the tanner off of your hands and fingers afterwards.

Other Rates & Packages
Upper Body or Legs: $20
Face Only: $7
Package of 4: $140
Package of 8: $250
Three Months Unlimited: $250
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